1st October, Catalonia, English, International

Interview with Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas

📺 Interview with Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas about Carles Puigdemont‘s trip to Switzerland.

http://www.ccma.cat/tv3/alacarta/mes-324/entrevista-a-jaume-alonso-cuevillas-advocat-de-carles-puigdemont-el-govern-espanyol-esta-amoinat-de-veure- com-carles-puigdemont-pot-moures-freely-for-europe / video / 5750924 /

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1st October, English

Marta Rovira to Radio Teletaxi

📻Marta Rovira on Radio teletaxi via Catalunya noon: “If we do not want entries from the GC and the 155 ruler, an effective investiture is required.”

http://www.ccma.cat/catradio/alacarta/catalunya-migdia/rovira-si-no-volem-entrades-de-la-guardia-civil-i-el-155-governant-cal-una-investtura- effective / audio / 995434 /

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1st October, English

Interview with Marcel Mauri at Catalunya Ràdio

Marcel Mauri at Morning Catalunya Ràdio: “Òmnium does not receive subsidies, not because we can not receive it but because we wanted to be independent of the parties and this is known by Spanish justice and the Spanish government. They wanted to mount a smoke curtain”

http://www.ccma.cat/catradio/alacarta/el-mati-de-catalunya-radio/marcel-mauri-tot-el-que-es-van-endur-ho-tenien-en-un-clic- a-internet-pero-buscaban-espectáculo / audio / 995517 /

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1st October, English, International, Politics

Foreign press articles regarding the visit of MHP Carles Puigdemont to Switzerland.

🇺🇸Fox News: Prosecutors seek Swiss arrest of Carles Puigdemont:

🇨🇭The Local: Ousted Catalan leader praises Swiss model ahead of Geneva visit

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1st October, English, Politics

Marcel Mauri on the scumbling in Omnium by Catalunya Ràdio

📻Marcel Mauri in Catalunya Ràdio: “Let them go to the headquarters of the political parties that govern the Spanish State maybe there if they find the democratic shame that they will never find in the Òmnium Cultural.


http://www.ccma.cat/catradio/alacarta/catalunya-migdia/marcel-mauri-ja-nhi-ha-prou-de-repressio-a-omnium-nomes-hi-trobaran-compromis-amb-el- pais / audio / 995450 /

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1st October, English, International

Interview with Clara Ponsatí at the Més_324

📺 Interview with Clara Ponsatí, Councilor for Education exiled in Scotland, in the Mes_324 program.

http://www.ccma.cat/tv3/alacarta/mes-324/entrevista-a-clara-ponsati-exconsellera-densenyament-el-parlament-no-ha-de-deixar-compostar-que-un-jutge- condicionar-sus-decisiones / video / 5750048 /

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1st October, Catalonia, English, International

Interview with Adriana Ribas from Amnesty International

📺 Interview with Adriana Ribas of Amnesty International on the right to freedom of expression in Spain in the Mes_324

http://www.ccma.cat/tv3/alacarta/mes-324/entrevista-a-adriana-ribas-coordinadora-damnistia-internacional-el-dret-a-la-llibertat-dexpressio-a-espanya-esta- en-peligro / video / 5749147 /

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